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...set Your goals now!

We provide a targeted training to meet the specific needs of our customers, who usually work or do business in an international environment. We provide customized, high quality training for people who need to gain or improve:

• Foreign language knowledge – to feel comfortable and communicate easily with their international counterparts at work and social events.

• Intercultural communication skills – to better understand colleagues, partners, clients, buyers or suppliers of different cultures.

• Cross-cultural knowledge – to make oneself familiar with a target culture before or when moving to live and work abroad.

At COTEM we use unique training concepts, interpersonal skills, business and leisure environment to create the right atmosphere in acquiring all the necessary knowledge. We are different in providing a full package of tailored professional language training combined with communication and social skills necessary while working and living in a constantly growing global environment.

COTEM philosophy – individually tailored, professional, high quality trainings.

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