At COTEM we offer a range of language training courses, which are adapted to our clients’ needs, business industry, and language level. We build a customized course filling in the necessary gaps in language, communication and culture knowledge while choosing topics and materials from the following study programs:

Fit for Business – to meet all the challenges you face in your business life in the English language. Anything from comprehension, vocabulary and grammar to meetings, phone calls, emails, presentations, negotiations.

Socializing and Entertaining – to feel comfortable in an informal surrounding with business partners as well as networking and entertaining. “Breaking the ice”, starting or joining a conversation, selecting appropriate small-talk topics, introducing oneself, being a good host, listener and story teller.

Communication with Confidence – to get rid of psychological and verbal barriers of speaking fluently in a foreign language. Communication practice by mixing groups, lively discussions, role plays, and after-class activities in English.

Intercultural Awareness – to be aware of the cultural differences of your partners, colleagues, clients, or suppliers in order to have an advantage not only in international but in local business as well. The course to identify cultural differences while practicing to express oneself in English as well.

Specialized language courses – to improve language knowledge, terminology in specific industry, work environment.

  • English for Law specialists
  • English for Medical staff
  • English for HR
  • English for administration
  • English for IT and others

Other languages

  • Russian
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Lithuanian (for foreigners)
  • Polish

We will help you choose and decide on the training method and extent of the course according to your:
• available time schedule
• the urgency to acquire language and communication skills
• preferred intensity of the training

COTEM provides language training in three basic formats


One-to-one training courses are available in different intensities and length. We recommend at least 40 hours to get a result. An individual course allows you to decide exactly what you are going to study, when and with what. There is no “one size fits all” program. Each course is individually designed and tailor-made to fit the needs of the participant.

Small Group

Studying in a small group is a very good way of improving accuracy and communication skills in a professional context. Small groups are for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 participants.

Blended Learning

Combination courses are the most effective way of learning language allowing the client to have both one-to-one training and group course together. The small group element usually focuses on professional skills and communication ant the one-to-one element is tailor-made for very specific needs.

Our courses can fit any time schedule convenient for you, from few days’ intense full time studies to few months or more on-going continuous education.

COTEM provides in-company training, welcomes you in its own training premises, and can offer you other non-standard training environment.

Please, contact us for more information.

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